Elisha Chesterton Farmer was born October 28 (8 pounds, 21.5 inches). Our little acrobat had wrapped the cord around his neck once and tied a knot in it further up the line, leading to a decreased heart rate and a risk of meconium aspiration. So, after 7 natural deliveries, Bonnie Ruth delivered via C-section for the first time. We praise God for protecting both Bonnie Ruth and Elisha, and that a safe C-section is possible here. Both Bonnie Ruth and Elisha are doing very well, and we just received the green light from Bonnie Ruth’s doctor to return home to Stung Treng. The Lord’s help for Bonnie Ruth has been clearly manifest as she charts this new territory. Thank you for your prayers, both in recent weeks and now as we readjust to our work and life in Stung Treng.