Our family has lived in Cambodia for almost thirteen years, and we’re now on our way back to the U.S. for our third furlough. The first two times, I began preparing weeks in advance, knowing I needed to report to you, our partners, on the work that had been accomplished during the preceding term.

Sitting down to prepare those reports/sermons felt like an exercise in imagination (or faith, maybe?). Let’s see … how to stretch our meagre list of accomplishments into a 45-minute presentation?? But you persevered; you kept encouraging us, and most importantly, you kept praying. Now, as I steal a few minutes en route to jot down some thoughts about the last four years, I’m faced with a new, completely opposite, problem—which miracles do I leave out? What gains on your investments do I not report to you? Do I give a 10,000-foot overview of the entire term, or do I dive deep into one or two of the best stories? And which ones?! Then there’s the need for more, specific prayer going forward ….

So, ironically, we need prayer now—that we would steward our upcoming times with you well, that these times would be productive for work of the gospel in Cambodia moving forward.

Speaking of our time in the U.S… In the past, we’ve alternated our Cambodia-U.S. time on a 4-to-1 year schedule (more-or-less). But a couple years ago, our kids began fleeing the nest, and there are more standing in line. This time, we’ll deposit our third, Gloria, to join Abi and Isa for her freshman year of college. Our balance of power is shifting. In light of that, we’re transitioning to a slightly different furlough schedule—shorter terms/shorter furloughs. So this time around, we’re hoping to squeeze all of our usual travels into half the time! Again, we appreciate your prayers as we seek to move quickly and effectively for the sake of the gospel.

Hope to see you soon …

Gloria’s graduation
Gloria’s graduation