On Sunday, November 5, Von, and Tun, their son Lon, Vong, Hien, and Reuen were joined in faith to the body of Christ.

Christ has established his Church
among the Lao of Stung Treng,
His mighty scepter extends from Zion,
He rules in the midst of his enemies!

Rejoice and give thanks for this answer
to over a decade of prayer and labor!

Vong, Von, Hien, Lon, Tun, and Reuen
New Bibles for new Christians
Going down to the river to pray
Sticky rice and koi!

Please keep praying …

And please continue praying: Among our regular attenders, Sali understands the gospel and its implications as well as anyone. He also stands to lose the most in terms of earthly goods and honor. Pray that he will cast himself fully on Christ.


And pray for Leh. If Sali understands but hesitates to commit, Leh affirms his readiness, but lacks some fundamental knowledge of Christ’s person and work.

Leh and Hien

Just hours before the baptism, Noy withdrew herself. We’re thankful her husband Vong continued on without her. But please pray for Noy. We believe she is feeling pressure from her mother.

Noy and Vong

Sister churches together

And finally, one of those names, Reuen, is actually Khmer, not Lao. Reuen’s baptism with the Na Ong church is a happy uniting of two strands of our ministry. Many of you will remember the story of the seedling church in Pum Tmai village. It’s a Khmer-speaking church of five elderly ladies where I have filled something of a pastoral role for five years, all the while praying and seeking for a Cambodian brother who can take on this work and devote himself to it more fully than I can. Every week in Pum Tmai, we pray for the gospel advance among the Lao in Na Ong. So what a joy for these Christians to join with their younger brothers and sisters in this way. What a joy for the folks of Na Ong to witness the Khmer church following Christ just as they are. (Clarification, most of our members in Pum Tmai can understand Lao.)


Sounds from Na Ong

A few sounds from Na Ong to add to your playlist:

Come to Christ

Love the Lord your God …

Come and drink