Dear Partners,

Here is a summary of our activities over the past month. Please read, be encouraged, and return to prayer for us and the people of Cambodia.

Telling the gospel story
The whole Bible in 2 characters: Adam and Jesus. The whole Bible in 5 characters: Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, and Jesus. The whole Bible in 20 characters/events: [I’ll let you come up with your own list].
These are some of the things we considered together over the course of five weeks with the folks at Labansiek Church here in Ratanakiri Province, and the Spirit was there to help us all. He helped me as a teacher to speak clearly and understandably, even if not beautifully. He helped the brothers and sisters who listened to understand better the nature of the gospel, the wisdom and power of God, and the beauty of the church where they meet Him. Thank you for praying for us. Though I thoroughly enjoy my weekly private teaching opportunities here, prior to this series, public speaking in Khmer has always been less than enjoyable for me. But for the first time, I began to experience in Khmer some of the joy I have known before in leading brothers and sisters to understand the meaning of Scripture. This was yet another milestone and a great encouragement for me as I prepare for a hiatus from Khmer ministry.

Watching the gospel transform lives
Last Sunday, three members of Labansiek Church shared impromptu testimonies, all three of which are