As we enter the final stretch of our first term in Cambodia, our hearts and minds are busy with gratitude and activity. Gratitude for the Father’s countless blessings over the past four years: good health, growth with the Khmer language, good relationships with neighbors, 2 new Farmer babies, and the world’s best co-workers, to name just a few. Busy with activity as we try to tie up a number of loose ends before we leave. Specifically, please pray for success in the following efforts:

  • I am currently in the midst of a 4 to 5-week series at a local provincial church on the biblical story of God’s salvation. We began yesterday by covering creation to Abraham, worshiping the God who creates all things well, and who commits Himself to redeeming and restoring His fallen creation. Please pray for me as I teach, that I could explain the meaning of these various texts clearly in Khmer. We pray that this series might be the seed for a future book on biblical theology for the Khmer church.  Also please pray for my brothers and sisters, that they would increasingly view their lives and their world through the lens of Scripture—that they are heirs of Adam, Abraham, David, and Christ—and that these fundamental realities would thoroughly shape their lives, homes, and church.
  • We have shared the gospel previously with our two closest neighbors, the Pat and Kan families, but we are praying for more opportunities to meaningfully engage them about their alienation from their Creator. Both neighbors are very cordial and always willing to talk/listen, but neither has shown any signs of readiness to embrace the good news. Please pray for good opportunities for conversation, that we would seize the opportunities when they arise (they seem to come at the most inconvenient times!), and that the Spirit would open their eyes to their ruined state and the beauty of Christ. We feel a particular urgency about this since our next term in Cambodia will most likely be in a completely different province.
  • Finally, I’ve begun chipping away at Lao language study and am thoroughly enjoying it. Please pray all the same things I’ve been asking you to pray for our Khmer study over the past 4 years!
Thank you, brothers and sisters, for working together with us for almost 4 years now. Your labor will bear fruit if we persevere.