We’ve been in the US since early April and Cambodia seems a world away, both geographically and temporally. As I’ve shared with many of you already, moving a young family of nine around the world for nine months was not exactly my idea of “furlough” (noun. Military. a vacation or leave of absence granted to an enlisted person)! But what if our brief visits with you could somehow lead to more focused, knowledgeable, and Spirt-led prayers for the gospel’s advance in Cambodia? I’m definitely up for that and have been begging God to bring it to pass. Perhaps our biggest take-away from these years in Cambodia has been that if Christ does not build His House there among the Laotians, all our best and most diligent efforts are in vain. This has been a painful and humiliating lesson, but we see in Scripture that it’s exactly where God likes to position His servants, leading them to call out to Him to accomplish His work in the power of His Spirit. So once again I urge you, brothers and sisters, to pray that God would call out Laotian men, women, and children in northeastern Cambodia to be part of His church; that in Stung Treng, Siem Pang, Sesan, Veun Sai, and Lumphat, there would be Laotians meeting week after week, listening to the Scriptures in Laotian, praising the triune God with Laotian hymns, and exhorting one another in their heart language of Laotian.

Enriched in every way
So that’s why we came back–because we need an army of pray-ers to