Brothers and sisters,

We are eagerly anticipating and busily prepping for our return to Cambodia tomorrow (January 6). A few things things have changed since we first made this trek 5 years ago:


  • I appear to be in good health (I learned that I had mono the day we left last time!).
  • We’ve added Salem and Henry to our convoy (we’re loving  that increased luggage allowance!).
  • We’ve added quite a few friendships here in the States and have deepened many other relationships (IWO, leaving this time is not any easier!).
  • We know what we’re getting into (we seem to have misplaced our rose-colored glasses!).
  • We have dear friends in Cambodia (both Cambodian and American) we can’t wait to be reunited with.
Here are some things we’re praying for over the next few weeks. Please join us:


  • Health and safety as we travel, both to and within Cambodia. Please pray also for stamina as we re-adjust to the tropical climate.
  • We’ll spend our first week or so in Phnom Penh, getting visas, driver’s licenses, possibly purchasing a different vehicle, etc. Please pray for good success in these ventures.
  • After Phnom Penh, it’s on to Stung Treng province (a 6-hour drive north), where we’ll be house hunting. We need wisdom.
  • Then we’ll be arranging to move all of our stuff from Ratanakiri province (where it’s in storage) to our new home in Stung Treng.
  • Then it’s on to life as usual, whatever that means! We will keep you updated.
Lastly, we recently updated our website. Please visit us at, refresh your memory of our long-term vision for gospel ministry in Cambodia, and plead with God to fulfill His purposes there. Thank you again for your prayerful support.