Dear Gospel partners,

Thank you for your continued work with us. Here is how your prayers and gifts are at work in NE Cambodia, and how we need you to further direct your prayers …

Old Testament overview class

Starting Saturday morning, I will begin teaching an Old Testament overview class (meeting twice monthly for the next nine months) to about 15 leaders and potential leaders from several churches throughout the province. Please pray for me as I teach and for my students, that they would grow in their understanding and ability to handle God’s word.  

Our various other ministries continue apace …

Lao village of Na Ong

This past Sunday in Na Ong, I taught on the first sin. “And how do you think the woman responded to the serpent’s lie?” I asked the 9 adults who had gathered under Sali’s house to listen to the lesson. “We don’t know,” several responded honestly. “She said NO!” several others said hopefully. But none of them truly knew the correct answer. And Na Ong is not unique—it is one of many villages all around us full of people who have truly never heard the most foundational stories of Scripture, including the death and resurrection of Christ (and we’ll get there as quickly as my faltering Lao will let us!). Please continue to pray for us and our Lao friends.

Another highlight from Sunday was our learning and then teaching them a Lao hymn with a traditional Lao tune—as far as I know, the first ever song of praise to the Creator in this village! Bonnie Ruth and I were fully prepared for our duet to meet with a combination of bewildered stares and giggles, if not full-blown hysterics. But wow, Na Ong got talent! Almost immediately, a couple literate villagers shared my song sheet and tried to sing along; others began rhythmic clapping, while others added whooping and hollering (sorry, no video recording equipment was permitted in the sanctuary). In short, we were a hit! An unexpected and unsought response, certainly. But a happy motivation to pray—O Lord, may the  village of Na Ong one day sing your praises from hearts full of faith and understanding!

The church in Pum Tmai

The church in Pum Tmai continues to maintain our membership of five sweet Christian ladies along with our family. Our Sunday worship times include a study of the book of Acts. Would you pray first for our faith in the Spirit’s power to turn family and neighbors from darkness to light? Conversion is a miracle that we have not seen often, and I sense a weariness in our prayers. Please pray also for one of our dear ladies who has become the target of a group of false teachers who claim that their leader is “the Appointed Son of God” and “Owner of the Universe,” through whom alone is salvation. Please pray both for this lady’s own soul and that she would have the courage to refuse these teachers entrance into her home (Cambodian hospitality along with family connections to the false teachers are making it extremely difficult for her).

Language helper

Please pray for Can Own, my language helper. In our most recent conversation about the gospel, Can Own told me clearly that his struggle is not Christ vs. Buddha. It is rather Christ vs. his good job that requires him to participate in various religious ceremonies at the village temple. Please pray that God would give him eyes to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, making him eager to sell everything to obtain this treasure.

New school year

The new school year is two weeks old and off to a solid start. We’re very thankful both to God and you for your prayers for us as a family. Indeed, we rely heavily on your labor for us in this way. We didn’t think it was possible, but in recent months, our neighborhood has become even noisier than before! As you pray for us, please ask for stamina, focused minds, and joy.