As we’ve visited many of your churches these past seven months, we’ve told you three stories from our past term in Stung Treng, Cambodia. All of those stories are as yet unfinished, but one of them in particular, “The Lao of Stung Treng,” is still embryonic.

We told you about our warm reception in the Lao village of Na Ong, particularly from the village head, Mr. Saa-lii, and his wife, and asked you to pray with us as we continue scattering seed in this field.



Mr. Saa-lii and his wife

I’m thrilled to tell you that I just received a message from a friend in Stung Treng saying that Mr. Saa-lii and a few others have confessed Christ.

villagers of Na Ong, Mr. Saa-lii right of center

He sleeps and rises night and day, 
and the seed sprouts and grows;
he knows not how
- Mark 4:26-27

Praise God for this miraculous growth! And pray earnestly now, as the inevitable heat of persecution seeks to wither these young shoots and the ever-present cares of the world seek to choke them out. May these indeed be those who bear fruit to eternal life!