During the first year of the pandemic, Cambodia was almost completely spared. Since late February, however, cases have been rising significantly, along with restrictions on public activities. We are currently unable to meet publicly for worship or outreach, leaving us with very limited contact with most of the people we minister to. In light of this, here are some ways you can pray for those people while they wait for a return to normalcy.

The Lao village of Na Ong

For the few months leading up to the new Covid outbreak, we were particularly encouraged, both by our own increasing ability to communicate in Lao and by the increasing interest and apparent understanding of our friends in Na Ong. Naturally, we are very disappointed by what seems to be a most untimely pause in our ministry there. We are praying that just as the seed sprouts and grows while the farmer sleeps — “he knows not how” (Mark 4:26-29) — so also the gospel might bear fruit even in our absence. Pray that our core group of seekers would remember and meditate on the stories of creation, sin, and the promises of future deliverance. Pray that they would listen to the recordings of Scripture and lessons that we have left them. Pray that these seeds would bear fruit leading to life.

The church in Pum Tmai

Pray for the six ladies with whom we worship each week. With no means of transportation or communication, each of them is completely without Christian contact. Pray that they would faithfully listen to the recordings we’ve given them, continue to pray daily, and not lose heart in the absence of Christian communion.

Building project

Praise the Lord that our building project continues more-or-less on target. It has been everything we expected — both the joys and the stresses. God has provided us with reliable labor, safety, and finances. We are exceedingly blessed. We continue to pray that we can complete the project and be in the house in August, but many things have to fall into place first. Thank you for your prayers to this end. Between Covid and the building project, our life and ministry has been very irregular for the past eight months. Like the rest of you, we’re eager to return to some of the normal rhythms of life and work.

Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your faithful prayers for us and for the peoples of Cambodia.