As our eight months in the U.S. draws to a close, here are some things to thank God and you for:

Successful visits with nearly all of our gospel partners (and disappointment for those of you we missed). Success for us consists, first, in the many reassurances that you have indeed been praying for us and that you will continue to. Few things encourage us more than hearing that you are praying specifically for us and the people we are serving in the gospel. Second, based on your responses, we’re hopeful that we were able to communicate a bit of what life in that other universe called Stung Treng, Cambodia is like, both some of its joys and challenges. (If you missed it, you can hear a report on our work that I gave at our home church in Nashville, and here are the slides that go with it.) Third, the many cups of coffee, plates of food, and hours of conversation with you have been a great encouragement to our hearts. You have shared so freely with us. Again, thank God and thank you.

A successful semester for our kids. Praise the Lord for his help for our six school-age kids. Their time at Jonathan Edwards Classical Academy was everything we prayed that it would be, and again, we have both God and many of you to thank for this opportunity and its successful completion. Now we pray for a happy transition back to a one-room schoolhouse, and strength for the teachers who manage it!

Some down time. The regularity of the school semester and the opportunity to worship with our sending church for consecutive weeks provided a much-needed reprieve. We feel like we have finally caught our breath and regrouped mentally and physically and are eager to return to Cambodia (Feb. 6).   

Family. It’s never enough, be we have had some great time with family here at the end of our U.S. time.

Snow! One of our kids’ biggest prayers for this trip was to see some real snow. Despite the 70 degree, mid-January weekend in Boston(!), our Christmas visit with family in Pennsylvania gave us 3 inches, enough to build a snow dwarf and enjoy a half-day of sledding! 


We return to Cambodia three weeks from today (Feb. 6). Here are three ways you can pray:

Miraculous living. As I’ve read Paul’s letters in recent months, I’ve been struck again by just how supernaturally Paul lived. I’m not thinking primarily of the miraculous visions or healings, though these are indeed remarkable and desirable. What stands out is the all-pervasive influence of the Spirit that led Paul to rejoice in the midst of suffering and persecution, to love those who rejected and mistreated Paul. The disparity between Paul’s M.O. and my own has been striking and disheartening. More than ever, I long to see a miracle in my life, specifically, the kind of transformation of character that Paul testifies to and expects all believers to experience. Put another way, we are praying and laboring to see the Spirit produce his fruit of love and joy in us.

Logistics, logistics, logistics. For the past few months, Bonnie Ruth has been buying up four years worth of textbooks and supplies for school and life. Now it’s time to pack it all up, close up the house, sell the van, and catch our flight (Feb. 6). [If you are interested in a Chevy Express 3500 15 pax van, mention this update at checkout and receive a free prayer for godspeed. Seriously, please let us know if you’re interested or know someone who is.]

Re-acclimation. We are asking the Lord for a quick adjustment to Cambodian life, languages, and work. Especially pray that we can quickly renew relationships with those to whom we minister.